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  1. Drop In Center (safe place to stay)
  2. Half way Home (Temporary Shelter)
  3. Safe project (prevention)
  4. Education (public, private 


     Income Generation Activities

                                                             Interview with the Onesimus Director, Nega Meaza

The Onesimus Children Development Association (OCDA) is an non-governmental organization, established in 2006 by Nega Meaza, who is now the Director of the NGO. In 2004, he met with visionaries to share his desire to help the street children of Ethiopia. After 2 years of praying what the next steps could be, Meaza and 5 other Ethiopians established the organization. OCDA seeks to rescue Ethiopian's children at risk, ensuring they remain in or return to a loving family. We provide holistic programs that meet their physical, emotional, developmental, and spiritual needs.
OCDA  works with to two groups of children: Those who are on the verge of "streetism" and those who are full time street children. After starting with only 7 children, Onesimus now works with 150 children and their families. Our partnership with a ministry (The Forsaken Children Ministry) allows us to have the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ to be a central component of the program.

  • What are the visions and goals of OCDA?

We want to rehabilitate street children and reintegrate them with their families. Further, our goal is to prevent children on the verge of "streetism"" from becoming full time street children. OCDA want to strengthen families by creating income generating activities that will afford  them the ability to take care for their families independently.

  • What does OCDA offer?

Education: We pay school fees, provide the children with school supplies, provide uniforms, operate a small library, and offer tutoring.

Family support: OCDA works with beneficiaries' families, provides food if needed, reunites street children with existing families, and encourages income generating activities.

Children: We offer a safe Drop-in center for street Children. OCDA also runs two half-way homes for children, who have no other home. We provide medical care, healthy food, and give the children clothes and shoes.

  • Onesimus Ministry:  offers counseling, evangelism, devotions, conference and discipleship training.
  • Medical and mission trips

  • OCDA Programs

Programs include the Income Generation Activity (IGA) and a Development project, which also covers 3 different projects, trying to help and reintegrate street kids in Addis Abeba.

The Development Program includes a Drop-in center, two halfway homes and a so-called safe project.
>The Drop in center is especially set up for street kids. It provides informal education, sports activities, and a place where the kids can forget all their worries and just play and have fun in a loving environment. Onesimus also gives the kids an opportunity to take showers and get their clothes clean.
>The halfway homes (there are two, one for girls and one for boys) major goal is to reintegrate kids who have been living on the street. It's best described as a transition house that provides food, a bed, just a home for street kids. They live there while the staff tries to find guardians that take care of our children and give them a loving home.
>The Safe Project is another part of Onesimus' work.  Through this project we try to find guardian families for kids whose families are not able to take care of their children, due to the great poverty.

The Income Generation Activity (IGA) includes different kinds of work that all deal with local agriculture. 
  • Income Generation project for OCDA is located south of Ethiopians capital city. By growing and selling their products, the IGA for OCDA is able to support the organization financially. They mostly plant highland fruits like apples, vegetables and raise chickens.

  • A second project the IGA has established is helping local farmers in the south of Ethiopia. By providing them with chickens and potato seeds, the IGA invests in the local communities. With this help, the local families are able to set up their own farms and grow their own food.


            Watch the video below for more information about IGA...
Koshe addis Ababa ethiopia
Children playing soccer at the project
Inthelast NineYears
children at school
Over 250
  children at Private school
Children rintegrated with their families
  over 100
  Families involved in Income Generating acctivites
  Children came to Christ
 Parents took tranining
 over 1000

Family Training at Onesimus!

How can I help Onesimus?

              By visiting, praying and donating online or email us

Our consistent needs are
- Cloth and shoe for the children
- Volunteers (click on "Volunteers" to find out more
- Medical supplies
- Staff development and training funds
- Donations of office supplies, sports equipment, games, and materials for our library
- A larger Drop-In Center facility