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Meet our Board and Staff Members:

Mr. Yonas Ashagari (on the left)

Mr. Yonas Ashagari has been the chair person of Onesimus Children Development Association for the last three years. 

Mr. Workineh Abraham
Mr. Workihenh Abraham is vice chair person for the organization.

Mr. Asrat Abera (on the left)

Mr. Asrat Abera has been the member of the board for last six years.

Mr. Beletew Kebede

Mr. Beletew Kebede has been a member of the board for the last three years.

Mr. Nikelowes Tesfay

Mr. Nikelowes Tesfaye has been a memeber of the board for the last threee years.

Nega Meaza

Nega is one of the founders of OCDA and he is the executive director of the organization and the secretary for the board. 

(View his interview on our "About Us" page)

Emebet Darge

I am the director of the Forsaken Children ministry. We work very close to Onesimus Children Development Association and we try to bring the gospel to street children. We work with adults as well. Here we have different activities like evangelism, Bible studies, counseling, Spiritual songs, among others...

Engida Anjulo

Engida Anjulo is the manager for the Bethel Guest House

Alemeyehu Ali

Hello my name is Alemeyehu and I joined Onesimus in 2011. Onesimus has two different branches: one social branch and one spiritual branch. On the spiritual side, we do character building with the street children and teach them about Christ. I am the coordinator of the ministry side of the Forsaken Children (Onesimus partner). I train young people in bible studies and, as the main focus of The Forsaken Children is to change the children’s behavior, I also work on that making them useful for the community and the country. They are doing well and a good behavior change has been observed. We also do evangelization in the street, feed the poor once or twice a year, and try to help them by putting them in touch with the local churches. The Forsaken Children ministry has been working with Onesimus for two years and now we are looking for new programs like bible schools and trying to partner with other churches in the area.

Taye Degefu

Hello my name is  Taye. I have been working here at OCDA as a social worker for two years. Right now we have around two hundred beneficiaries. We focus particularly on street children and we try to help them by feeding them, giving them clothes and a place to clean themselves. The goal is to reintegrate them in their families, if they have one, after six to nine months.

Mesfin Share

Hello! My name is Mesfin and I am a worker here in Onesimus. I think Onesimus is very fine. It is very hard work because some children give us a lot of trouble. For example Desse, a street kid, ran away sixteen times and we had to struggle to get him away from the streets. I came here in 2009 to work as a social worker but I was the guard for three years before that. Now I am taking classes for social work but I work here at the same time. I visit families, council children, and I teach Amharic. 

Genanew Tsegae

Hello my name is Genanew and I work as an accountant in The Forsaken Children ministry. I graduated from university and came to work here a year ago.

Tarekegn Cherikos 

I am the IGA coordinator. I have been working with Onesimus the last 3 years. I'm very proud to work for this organization.

Amare Abera

Amare is Onesimus' night guard.

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